honeywell security

Controlling your home's alarm with connected automation Alexa, etc.

In this episode I demonstrate the inner struggle between the Luddite in me and the gadget lover (also in me).

Are you sure you want to have a microphone listening all of the time? Maybe I have trust issues. There have been so many hacking cases.

Didn’t we all dream about living in the Jetson’s house? We’re getting closer and closer.

I see the utility in these advances for those with mobility issues. I think it is wonderful. For the rest of us, though, I worry about how lazy we will become.  Is it really too much to flip the light switch manually? Is it a good use of our resources to make it so that we don;t have to get up?

Our Honeywell Systems with Total Connect are compatible with Alexa, so if you have one— you can give it a go. If you have a Honeywell system but not Total Connect, give us a call and we’ll help you get that set up.

Total connect and alexa.jpg

There are a lot of ways you can use gadgets like Alexa— I think the setting of scenes would be the most useful. Try making a “go to sleep” scene or set of commands to make sure your house is locked and the system is armed, and turn off the lights without getting up, if you want.

honeywell commands for alexa.jpg

That said, we are not tech support for Alexa or any of the home speakers. We’ll focus on security and fire systems, thank you.