May I speak to Mr. Rampart, please?

No, you may not. Sorry-- there has never been a Mr. Rampart associated with this company. The company was named for a fortification a.k.a. a rampart. 

You've probably sung the word before-- or at least mouthed it-- during the Star Spangled Banner. "O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming"

The elders (50+) often remember the radio calls of emergency responders on a show called "Emergency". It was something like this:

(Crackle) "Rampart 51" (Crackle) "We have an obese white male choking on what may be a beer tab. Over"

Ohhh, it was exciting, and traumatic (to me) to see that episode in particular. To this day I cannot stand to see people tear off the tab on a can and drop it into the can, and THEN DRINK FROM IT! 

Or if you google it-- there is that Woody Harrelson movie. I really should watch that someday.

So, there is no Mrs. Rampart either. AND Ms Rampart is just a pen name. 

Thanks for reading!